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Du Fu Thatched Cottage Cultural Relics: cultural relics repair division doctor when 20 years – in August 16, 2016, Sichuan Province, Chengdu City, Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum, waiting for repair serious damage of ancient paper cultural relics repair division Song Xin (right) and the European Ping Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum, the national key cultural relics protection units, is now the largest and best preserved and most famous Du Fu the most characteristic of the memorial site, is also the largest Du Fu research materials and painting and calligraphy exhibition center of Du Fu’s poems. The collection of song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty’s poems versions of the system, in addition to the preservation of more than ten kinds of small language’s version. Before 1912 the ancient ancient books referred to, this is a clear classification of dating. In 2006, the Ministry of Culture issued the standards for the classification of ancient books and the classification standards of ancient books and special collections, which were classified according to the value of the editions and the degree of damage. There’s a secret corner of the Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum in Chengdu! Because it is not open to the public. Yesterday, the Chengdu Daily reporter learned that with the repair department the museum as a national art training center of Sichuan ancient ancient repair center school, in Chengdu in September this year, "Bobo" (Chengdu 2016 Museum and related products and Technology Exhibition) during the exhibition, repair Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum in Chengdu Chen room will be open to the public, then, visit Du Fu Thatched Cottage, the audience will be able to closely observe the specific process of paper relics repair. It is understood that the museum’s exhibition room will be repaired in the way of glass partition, so that the audience can watch the ancient books and painting repair process. Relevant personnel said in an interview, the Museum of cultural relics repair process of open display, will be an entry point to promote cultural development, so that the public to further understand China’s traditional culture and art. Add up to repair after the repair to the fate of the ancient books of all people, has been built to repair after retirement as a "cultural doctor", Ou Ping wearing a white gown, and the hospital doctor’s outfit is. In 1986 she entered the cottage, the official sat at the restoration of cultural relics office after 10 years, this year, the "time to express her for 20 years. "I was in 1990 followed the Provincial Museum of Liao Dingyi teacher to learn calligraphy and painting mounting repair. In 1999 there is a chance, Liao teacher told me that the State Bureau of cultural relics in Jiangxi Wuyuan held the first national painting restoration class, he encouraged me to fight. I have the honor to know national calligraphy and painting restoration experts, the Imperial Palace Museum in the field of intangible cultural heritage and its division, and Mr. Xu Jianhua, the three generation of the Imperial Palace "medicine painting master," as they study for 3 months, I feel like also benefited from beginning." Ou Ping said that the Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum in Chengdu in 2012 began a formal restoration of ancient books. Because we have long been engaged in calligraphy and painting repair, so it is relatively easy to carry out the restoration of ancient books. When other units know that we have a repair center, come to us to restore the heritage of the unit more and more, but at that time due to our lack of repair personnel, it can not meet all the repair needs." Qin相关的主题文章:

Practical joke kiss 11 years after the 7 remake protagonist full substitution lightscape

Practical joke "kiss" 11 years after the 7 remake of protagonist Sina entertainment full substitution news according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan classic idol drama "practical joke kiss" in 2005 by Ariel Lin Joseph Cheng, [micro-blog] [micro-blog] co star, a high popularity in Asia, after Japan and South Korea, Thailand and other 8 remake and after 11 years apart, producer Wang Xingui decided to cast 9 remake, almost all of the younger generation, the following inventory of new and old version of "kiss" practical joke in seven roles and actors were compared. A river, Joe (Joseph Cheng) and Jiang Zhishu (Li Yuxi) was originally played by Joseph Cheng’s genius River Naoki, in the new version of "kiss" practical joke, by the movie "my girl" after the explosion of red Li Yuxi plays, performance IQ200 student, face yourself until finally the first actor "role, and is to reproduce the classic works, previously the respondents admitted a lot of pressure," I don’t see Joseph Cheng version of the TV series, only a little bit." Two, Yuan Xiangqin (Ariel Lin) / (Wu Xinti) originally by the "morning God", as the role of the play in the bud and naive brilliant acting, is still impressive, and so on, as far as possible. (), and so on. In the new version of the change because of "Mandy" advertising burst Wu Xinti interpretation of red, lovely appearance is in line with the heroine "Yueqin" image, that they want to challenge the role, it is revealed that he saw a different version of "kiss" to try to figure out the practical joke. Three, Jin Yuanfeng (Jiro Wang [micro-blog]) / Jin Zhizhu (palace to Teng) Jiro Wang past performances, "Jin Yuanfeng (A Jin)" angle, has staged many funny plots in the play, the pursuit of the heroine’s affectionate fling caution to the winds image is deeply rooted in people’s mind. In the new version of "practical joke kiss", by the 23 year old actor Gong Teng played with meat, he used as an emergency room doctor in "Nie Xiaoqian", and then open the visibility, in order to show Kim corner, specially push yourself to the gym every day running, weight loss, weight training, and on the boxing class, make the body becomes more lean. Four, Pei Ziyu (Tiffany Hsu [micro-blog]) / Wu Ziyu (Xi Weilun) "rich" Pei Ziyu originally played by Tiffany Hsu, who plays a strong rival actress, not only looks rosy, ability is quite strong. In the new version of the change from modeling background new seats Weilun interpretation itself has high cold temperament by the producer a phase, Taiwan media day before, after the filming has revealed considerable pressure, therefore had insomnia: "every day thinking about how to interpret the role, worried about being unable to do, thinking about the dawn also, multi reference to a lot of Princess role, try to figure out the mood." Five, Jiang Yushu (Zhang Baihan) and Jiang Yushu (Shen Changhong) actor brother Jiang Yushu originally played by Zhang Baihan, although in the mouth super bad, often sarcastic bully, Ariel, but the heart is very gentle and kind, was eventually the heroine’s folly and sincerity touched. As in the new version has been replaced by 12 year old boy Shen Changhong, he used to participate in many MV works, including Jay Chou "listening to his father’s words," May day "sad people do not listen to the slow song", known as "M.相关的主题文章:

UK Championship analysis Ji Ling’s home court wins promotion Luton – Sohu www.sdosta.org.cn

UK Championship analysis: Ji Ling’s home court wins Luton – Sohu Beijing August 31, 2016 morning promotion 02:302016-2017 tournament in the first round tournament to start the race, one by Ji Ling, in the home court against Luton town. Although the condition is very stable, but from the strength of the analysis, in the football league, Jiling middle position, facing the league, winning spirit and ability, kyrgyzstan. The team looks: Ji Ling, in the upstream of the strength in the football league, last season zhanba 46 harvest 19 wins 12 flat 15 negative product 46 points ranked ninth in the League record, but the team this season to play, continue to maintain the stability of the new season zhanba 5 harvest 3 wins 1 flat 1 negative record. But, Ji Ling has a very good offensive ability. But on the defensive side is very bad, nearly 3 games lost the ball, and the team’s ability to fight at home is not good in 6. But the game face strength lower Luton, Ji Ling, still have a chance of winning. Loudon is in the middle of the strength in the football league, last season zhanba 46 harvest 19 wins 9 flat 18 negative product 66 points ranked eleventh in the League record, and to the team this season, the state has a significant increase, while the last round of the game Loudon 3-0 defeat away sword bridged. The team in offensive or defensive aspects are ideal, and the team at the ability is also very good, the game face Kyrgyzstan league team still has the ability to fight against the 179. Analysis of the ball for handicap: the strength of the two teams is very large, the game day out 1.80-3.75-4.20 group will be able to see the gap between the two teams, the two teams by injection, the main victory rate continues to decline, the Gambling company is optimistic about the home team can easily win. It is not difficult to see, although the home court in Ji Ling combat ability is poor, but after all, Ji Ling is in the football league, facing the league, Ji Ling can still win beckham. The score recommended: 3-1 2-1 SMG Shengping Fu: 3相关的主题文章:

Wuhan public bicycle station will be ” universal charge ” electric car can also charge yo polartec

Wuhan public bicycle station will be " universal charge " electric car can also be charged in the realization of the phone and the electric car charging function, the scope of the expansion of public bicycles in Wuhan has expanded. Yesterday, with the opening of public bicycle Phoenix community site new energy vehicle charging service, the first batch of 109 stations will be achieved to the car charging function. "Universal charge" site by the end of 300 to yesterday morning, the reporter saw in the public bicycle Phoenix community site, a public bike station in the control cabinet is provided with a charging pile, there is the public to a white new energy vehicle charging. "I hope there will be more such a charging pile on the street, open electric cars do not have to worry about half of the electricity is not enough." Charge for the car, Mr. Liu said the public. Roadside charging network as an emergency power supply program, an hour 3 degrees -5 degrees, every kilowatt hour of electricity can run km -8 km, charging an hour can run 15 km -40 km, enough to achieve emergency power supply targets." Wuhan huantou public bicycle company responsible person said, is currently in Wuchang and Hankou 109 public bicycle station installed a new energy vehicle charging pile, plan at the end of this year increased to 300, the end of next year to reach 800 kilometers, forming a circle of charging service. Self charging charging 1.6 yuan per hour, the reporter learned that the current charging fee charged at $1.6 per hour. The owner can download "where the charge" APP on the mobile phone charging operation via the mobile phone, with WeChat and Alipay to pay fee charging. Due to the charging time is longer, the owner can consider charging the gun with a gun lock, to ensure that when the person is not charging, charging cable will not be mistaken. Reporters observed that the public bicycle station next to the point of charge, parking is a problem for a long time. If there is no designated parking spaces, will be classified as illegal parking? In this regard, the public bicycle sources, is currently working with relevant departments in consultation, hope to be able to like public toilets in the toilet side for taxi designated berths, to charge the automobile berth is designated, the owner of the charging termination menace from the rear. First on the fast charging station is located in Wuchang golden palace "we also plan in the construction of each city center centralized fast charging station, comprehensive service system to achieve slow charging and fast charging based supplement. The first centralized charging station located in Wuchang golden palace, will officially open on November 11th." The person in charge of the above ring investment company.相关的主题文章:

The suspect failed in the college entrance examination hit 21 year old guy jumped 27 floor www.szxcn.cn

The suspect failed in the college entrance examination hit 21 year old guy jumped 27 floor died yesterday, a district in the east of Xi’an, a young man in the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the 27 floor, from the rental jumped down. Area residents from their parents in the reason that the crying guy is jumping for the entrance exam, then unable to get up after a fall…… It happened at about 11:30 yesterday morning, Xi’an city with a small owners Mr. Li Yuan Road in shortly after the incident rushed to the scene, "saw a badly mutilated people lying in the downstairs, has no signs of life." A five year old man said, falls is a young man, 21 years old, is a jump from the 27 floor. Onlookers said the guy just falls soon, the mother rushed downstairs in the side that V cried for about an hour after the father came back. Residents in the crying mother falls guy learned that guy falls is the Shaanxi people, together with parents rented in the District 4 Building 27 floor, when the father go to work, the mother cook at home, while the mother jumped down from the guy. "That boy failed in the college entrance examination, by the blow, staying at home, his mother to accompany him at home, did not expect or out of trouble." Community residents are deeply sorry. It is understood that the area police station rushed to the scene, ruled out homicide. Reporter Yang Dehe original title: suspected entrance exam hit 21 year old guy jumped 27 floor editor: Huang Xiaodong相关的主题文章: